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You Don’t Have To Face Estate Administration Alone

Even in the best circumstances, administering an estate raises questions that can be intimidating to those without a legal background. And in some cases, these responsibilities take effect at the same time that you are facing the loss of a spouse, parent or another loved one.

Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, or administering other instruments such as a living trust, The Law Office of Marc A. Mazorow will help you understand the privileges and responsibilities that come with holding decision-making power over a trust.

Legal Guidance For Those New To Estate Administration

Marc A Mazorow

A living trust offers many of the same benefits as a will, while offering you more control over the details of your estate plan for as long as you are able to exercise that control. One potential downside of a living trust, however, is that it requires more active involvement from the trustee. With qualified legal counsel, this does not have to be a burden — we can help you keep your trust funded and address other issues as your circumstances change.

Trust administration also falls on the shoulders of those who have recently lost a parent or another loved one. Even when a will or trust is thoroughly drafted, it is often the case that the decedent’s survivors are not fully prepared for the details of their responsibilities as successor trustees.

Navigate The Probate Process With Confidence

When a will or trust has not been prepared, or such an instrument exists but does not clearly address the distribution of all assets and debts, an estate worth $150,000 or more will go into probate under California law. This process can be slow and costly, and is open to public record. But attorney Marc Mazorow can help you navigate this process expeditiously and economically.

We’ll file the relevant paperwork in probate court and keep you updated as your case proceeds.

Make Informed Decisions For Your Trust, With A Lawyer’s Help

The Law Office of Marc A. Mazorow serves clients in the South Bay area, throughout Los Angeles and beyond from our office in Torrance. To see how we can help with your estate administration matter, contact us online or call 310-953-3499 and schedule a free consultation.


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