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Taking Care Of Older And Younger Loved Ones

Not everyone can take care of themselves. Fortunately there are legal tools designed to help family members and close friends take responsibility for the well-being of children, aging adults and those with developmental disabilities. The Law Office of Marc A. Mazorow will help you understand your options and take the steps necessary to help you protect your family members.

The Tools You Need To Provide For Dependent Parents And Children

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When a child’s biological parents are unable or unwilling to provide adequate care, a guardianship can be established to formally establish legal responsibility over children under the age of 18.

One tragically common situation that leads to guardianship is the death of a parent. Unlike property and even pets, the fate of children cannot be designated in a will or trust — assigning guardianship requires the approval of a court, which will seek to confirm that the legal guardian is capable of adequately caring for the child’s needs.

Guardianship of a child is also a useful tool when biological parents are alive but ill-equipped to take care of their children — for instance, if the parent is in prison or for some other reason is simply absent from the child’s life. It is also prudent to establish a guardianship after a child’s parent has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Guardians are often, but not always, relatives or close friends of the family. We have helped grandparents, aunts, uncles and others establish guardianships.

Something like a guardianship can also be established for elderly persons who are unable to make decisions for themselves. In California, adult guardianship is called a conservatorship; this label is also used to describe those with legal responsibility for special-needs children. This tool can be used to help protect vulnerable people from making detrimental financial decisions, driving after it is no longer safe, and similar issues.

Help Is Available For Those Responsible For Dependents

Guardianships and conservatorships come with great responsibility. The Law Office of Marc A. Mazorow will provide guidance so that you can make informed decisions for yourself and your family members. Marc Mazorow is an experienced estate planning attorney committed to addressing your legal needs.

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